Dental Implants

As the ONLY permanent solution for missing or failing teeth, dental implants become a natural-looking and natural-feeling part your smile, in place of your own teeth. Are you missing one or more teeth? Are your dentures uncomfortable or ill-fitting? Do you wish you could chew food like you did when you had your own teeth? A dental implant looks and feels like your own natural tooth, because it is inserted beneath your gums and acts like the root of a natural tooth. It begins with a small, sturdy, titanium cylinder that is placed into the bone. Once the bone in your jaw has healed and grown around the implant, it is ready to be restored. The next step is to place an Abutment, or implant post, this is the part that goes from the bone through the gums to allow a Crown, Bridge or Denture to be put in place. Because implants are very durable and can last a lifetime, they require the same maintenance as natural teeth — brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. Patients love their implants because they offer great stability and comfort that other alternatives can not. Because they never shift or move in your mouth, eating and speaking is easier. Today, Implants have become a very routine procedure. Placing implants is virtually pain-free, however, if you have a little anxiety about the procedure, we offer sedation services should you want them.

More reasons you may want to consider dental implants:

  • Replace a missing tooth without the need to touch surrounding teeth
  • Replace multiple missing teeth
  • Provide support and stability to full upper or lower dentures
  • Provide support for a partial denture
  • Enhance chewing ability and comfort
  • Gain confidence while smiling, talking and eating
  • Improve your over all appearance
  • Regain self confidence
Not sure if you are a candidate for an implant? Call our office today or contact us to set up a free consultation and find out if an implant is right for you.