Apicoectomies & Dental Cyst Removal


When the nerve of a tooth dies and becomes infected, a Root Canal Therapy is performed to remove the source of the infection. However, sometimes the infection spreads into the bone at the tips of the roots. This can create a Dental cyst that is often painful and requires timely removal.

Statistically, 6–7% of teeth treated with a traditional root canal will form an acute infection at some later time. It can be months or sometimes years later. This does not necessarily indicate that the root canal therapy was not successful, but indicates that the bacteria that caused the initial infection have become active again.

This infection can only be treated with an Apicoectomy. The surgical removal of the tooth’s root end and the removal of the cyst around the root. If you suspect you’ve formed a dental cyst, we encourage you to Call Waldron Family Smile Center or contact us today for more information.