Children’s Dentistry

As a family practice, we see children of any age. Having a great dental experience right from the beginning is critical to easing fears for both children and parents. Many times it’s mom and dad that are really the ones who have anxiety. We at Waldron Family Smile Center take pride in delivering a great experience for children and parents. With such busy lives, parents also love the convenience of having their own dental treatment at the same time as their children. While your child is in our dental chair, we will take the time to educate them about their teeth and how to care for them in a language they will understand. A life time of healthy teeth and gums begins with learning how to care for your own mouth. We know that children who love coming to the dentist will have a healthier smile for life. That is our goal for your child.

Find out what other parents and children are saying:

  • “We came in to the office for a consultation… my son was nervous because he had a difficult experience six months earlier at another office. He needed a filling, and I was worried. Dr. Waldron and the staff were great. My son said he didn’t scare him and it was easy.” K.A.
  • “My wife and I were very impressed with how efficient and friendly the entire staff were. They finished my daughters filling so fast, I hardly had time to read the article in the magazine.” R.D.
  • “My son and daughter love to get their teeth cleaned by the hygienists. It makes it easy to have both seen at the same time. They go home with their brushing charts and really love to fill them out so they can bring them back in six months and show the great job they have done. They love to brush. Thank You” T.T.
  • “Our family has been coming to Dr. Waldron for many years. My boys love getting their cleanings. My oldest son is now in braces. It is very convenient to be able to go to the same office for both his cleanings and his orthodontic checkups, and he is already very comfortable seeing Dr. Waldron and that makes it even easier.” K.P.

Have you ever wondered if your child needs braces? Call our office today or contact us to set up a free consultation and find out.